Bai Bang Best of Four 2019
RELEASED: May 31, 2019
ARTIST: Bai Bang
LABEL: Lions Pride Music
Best of Four

Best of Four – 2019

“A great collection showcasing Bai Bang‘s more recent work” – CGCM Podcast / Decibel Geek

“Bai Bang might not be the first name on many people’s lips when they talk about Sweden’s great 80’s Rock revival acts but eight albums in it’s clear that you’re missing out if they’re not on your radar” – TheRockpit.net


Everybody Everywhere
Are You Ready I’m Ready
Rock It
Hey Hey You
Livin’ My Dream
Only the Best Die Young
Come On
Stop Messin’ Around
Raise Your Hands
I Love the Things You Hate

**Digital Release has 2 bonus tracks not on the physical CD**
Bonus Tracks:
Cop To Con
Little Child

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